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Double Breasted

Double breasted suits can be found in several variations. Some prefer navy blue double breasted suits, while others prefer striped double-breasted suits. Double breasted suits express the high status of a true gentleman. You can customize your suit by choosing different buttons, colors or other customization options.

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Men's Double Breasted Suit

One of the most important men's clothing items that should be in a man's wardrobe is the double breasted suit. Even if you do not work in a workplace where a suit is mandatory, even if you do not attend special evenings and invitations, a suit that is suitable for your body, made all the necessary changes from trouser leg to arm length, and has the appropriate shirt, tie and shoes, is sometimes life-saving and sometimes effective.

You never know when you will enter an environment that requires you to wear a suit. It can be a suit that you will wear at your own wedding or a sports suit that you will wear on a special night. Suit shopping is not a process to be rushed. On the other hand, even if it is not a necessity, we would like to remind you that suits are the clothes that are worn more frequently in daily life in social life.

Double breasted suits are slightly higher priced than items such as T-shirts and jeans, and may not have as many of them in your wardrobe. Shirt models in different colors and models can be combined with ties in different patterns to create an effective atmosphere. For this reason, it should be well thought out while shopping for double breasted suits, the most suitable and appropriate model should be selected, and its compatibility with existing items such as shirts and ties in the wardrobe should be considered to prevent shopping again.

Double breasted suits should be the clothes that all gentlemen of taste pay the most attention, as they are the only clothes that will show a man in the most attractive way despite the formality he wears, and provide both a contemporary and a traditional look at the same time.

How to Wear Double Breasted Suits

Men's double breasted suit models are versatile. They come in different models for different body types and different styles, as fit is very important. Some suits, such as slim fit models, have a more modern feel, while some models such as vest suits wink at the old. It's up to you how you want to appear, how you want people to think about you. After you decide on this, you can choose the color that suits you the most, make minor modifications if necessary, and have the suit you want.

One of the most preferred men's suits is double-breasted suits. Suit models, which are the symbol of elegance in men's clothing, are the choice of gentlemen who are really self-confident and do not hesitate to attract attention. Double-breasted suits require that the front of their jackets be buttoned because of the models. This creates the opportunity to give you the impression of a professional, disciplined and attentive man at all times. Since it is double-buttoned, you can change the buttons that cover the front of the jacket, and you will have a comfortable and serious stance. Thanks to being double-breasted, the jacket will make you look much slimmer and more elegant. If you want to look slimmer, double-breasted suits can be your first choice.

Double breasted suits, whose trousers have a narrow cut that fits the body in order to be in harmony with the jacket, will bring you effortless elegance with a slim fit shirt and a contrasting vibrant color tie.

Double Breasted Suit Models

Working with the best designers for men's suit models, Black Tuxedo Style also creates the most valuable parts of your wardrobe by combining fabrics made of the highest quality materials and advanced craftsmanship with years of experience. Double-breasted suits are designed to show all body types and men of all ages with care, elegance and sophistication. Black Tuxedo Style, which offers the chance to reveal your personality and be noticed in the crowd with its vivid blue tones as well as classic colors such as navy blue and black, match the colors with most of the color shirts, ties and handkerchiefs you have in your wardrobe.

Double breasted suits are made of fabric with a high wool ratio in order to adapt to all seasons and climates. The fabrics with the density of organic yarns, which are also very important for health, ensure that your suit maintains its shape and stays on you in the best possible way with very little synthetic ratio. The double-breasted suit, which will stay in your wardrobe for many years thanks to the quality of its workmanship, is offered for sale at affordable prices that you cannot find elsewhere. Stay tuned to catch seasonal discounts and campaigns.

What is a Double Breasted Suit?

Men's double breasted suits that never go out of fashion reveal your style in business life, official meetings or special occasions. The distinctive feature of men's double-breasted suits is jacket designs. Jackets that are wide enough to cover the left side of the right side are called double-breasted jackets.

In double-breasted jackets, the front part of the jacket is closed on top of each other. Double-breasted jackets are designed with four or six buttons. In four-button designs, the buttons are only on the front parts of the jacket that overlap each other. In six-button designs, there are two more buttons on the part where the collar extends above the four buttons. Six-button jackets create a more classic look. For this reason, you can prefer six-button double-breasted jacket models in more formal environments.

One of the most curious subjects when wearing a double-breasted jacket is which buttons of the jacket to fasten. Because unlike single-breasted jackets, the front of a double-breasted jacket should be closed as long as you wear it. In other words, the freedom to unbutton single-breasted jackets while sitting is not found in double-breasted jackets. While standing or sitting at your desk, you need to make sure that the buttons of your double-breasted jacket are closed. This is because the wide flaps on the front of the jacket create an unpleasant appearance when you do not close the buttons. Which buttons to fasten depends on your personal taste. There are 2 button fastenings apart from the hidden button that can be on the inside of the double-breasted jacket models. If you wish, you can keep both of them, or only the top button, all the time.

Men's Double Breasted Suit Suggestions

Your body type is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a men's suit. Slim fit models that fit the body are ideal choices for men who have a slimmer and more sporty body. If you do not want to highlight your body or if you like comfortable cut clothes, you can choose regular cut double-breasted suits.

Whether you prefer slim fit or regular cut models, you need to make sure that the suit has a quality fabric and does not restrict your movements. In particular, you should be careful that the jacket, which is closed on top of each other and must be closed at all times, does not tighten your body.

You can complement slim fit or comfortable cut double-breasted suits with suitable accessories and shoes and get a stylish look. Collar handkerchief is one of the most stylish accessories for double-breasted suits, which offer a more formal look than suits with blazer jackets. You can combine your navy blue or anthracite slim fit double-breasted suit with a white slim fit shirt, shoes in suitable colors, matching tie and collar handkerchief. For your anthracite suit, you can choose a thin tie in contrasting colors such as red and orange and a different patterned collar handkerchief. A light blue shirt, a burgundy and navy blue patterned tie and a matching collar handkerchief will perfectly complement your anthracite suit.

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