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  • Black 7
  • Blue 5
  • Red 3
  • Green 1
  • White 11
  • Cream 1
  • Gold 1
  • Dark Blue 1
  • Brown 1
  • Navy Blue 5
  • Off White 4
  • Classic 12
  • Double Breasted 21
  • Patterned 13
  • Spotted 12
  • Bright 1
  • Slit 2
Lapel Type
  • Shawl Lapel 25
  • Peak Lapel 13
  • Dracula 2
  • Black Lapel 24
  • White Lapel 11
  • Blue Lapel 4
  • Belted 13
  • Wool 5
  • Velvet 4
  • Wool & Silk 1
  • Silk Satin 15
  • US36 - EU46 22
  • US38 - EU48 20
  • US40 - EU50 20
  • US42 - EU52 20
  • US44 - EU54 13
  • US46 - EU56 19
  • US48 - EU58 14
  • US50 - EU60 15
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Double Breasted Tuxedos

At your wedding or in a special organization where you feel the excitement of being a groom, you will look very attractive and assertive with tuxedo models that fit you perfectly, use special sewing techniques and are designed with quality fabrics.

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Wedding & Groom Suit and Tuxedo Models

Black Tuxedo Style, which has been making a difference for you for years with its style in men's clothing; does not leave men alone on their wedding days either. It offers you different options of tuxedos and wedding suits that will make you feel like a prince on the best day of your life. Offering you men's tuxedo or groom suit models suitable for every venue and wedding concept with different models and color options, Black Tuxedo Style allows you to catch an eye-catching look. Mono collar, shawl collar slim fit, pointed collar, slim mono collar, slim fit pointed collar, mono collar patterned, pointed collar straight, patterned pointed collar tuxedo models make you look unforgettable.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Tuxedo and Wedding Suits?

Choosing a groom's suit is not as complicated as the choices brides have to make. Of course, the fact that men decide on clothing faster than women shows itself here as well. Maybe it's because they can make quick decisions, maybe because they don't like long shopping marathons. On the other hand, there is a compelling side to the selection of groom suits, which is that the options for grooms and tuxedos are not as unlimited as wedding dresses. When choosing a wedding suit for a man, there is no option other than a groom's suit and a tuxedo. But you can express your own style and personality in the suit or tuxedo you choose. You can get a different look by using colors that suit your style and feel comfortable in.

Grooms who dream of a more comfortable groom can examine men's suit models. At the same time, they should prefer suit options in softer and more comfortable fabric types. Especially linen suits will come to the aid of men who want to feel comfortable and get away from the classic look.

Indispensable Colors of Country Weddings

Grooms who want to have a more formal and heavy look should choose a tuxedo. The wedding venue and concept are also very important in the selection of wedding suits. It is important where this beautiful day will be held; like a country wedding, a poolside wedding, or a prom wedding.

If your wedding will be in a more comfortable place like as a country wedding, you can choose your wedding suit from soft colors such as light blue, beige and even comfortable fabrics such as linen. If it will be at a poolside or a ball venue, you can choose a more flamboyant wedding suit. You can choose tuxedos and choose a clearer and more striking color at this point.

You should not ignore your body type while choosing your wedding suit and tuxedo. You can have a fitter and more dynamic appearance by making a choice that suits your physique and dimensions. In order to have a different look, you can choose tuxedos and wedding suits with an assertive pattern, and you can complete your look by using a tie or bow tie with wide collar options. You can turn to various accessories to customize your wedding suit and reveal your style. Small details such as a boutonniere, a brooch or a handkerchief and a pair of cufflinks will differentiate your look. Grooms who want to get a sporty look can also combine their tuxedos with comfortable and stylish sneakers.

Another factor to consider when choosing your wedding suit is your bride's wedding dress. It will ensure that you are a perfectly compatible groom and bride and that everyone will remember you like a prince and princess in your unforgettable memories on that wedding day.

How to Tie a Tuxedo Belt?

The main thing to know here is the obligation to wear a belt when wearing a tuxedo for wedding suits. Because one of the features that make the tuxedo a tuxedo is the belts worn as an accessory.

  • If a tuxedo belt is attached, a bow tie that matches the tuxedo belt must be worn.
  • The pleats of the smokin belt must look inside.
  • There is a hidden pocket inside the tuxedo belts, in this pocket you can put your accessories such as wallet, phone.
  • With the apparatus on the back of the tuxedo belts, there is an apparatus that can be adjusted according to each waist, you can fasten the tuxedo belt with this apparatus.
  • Although these apparatuses are adjusted according to the waist, it is important to check the tuxedo belt when you get it.

How Was Tuxedo Found?

Tuxedo models, which have been worn quite often recently, first appeared in England and America. Although the tuxedo models, which coincided with the last period of the 1800s, were used as jackets in special meals at first, they managed to become a team by combining with trousers and accessories after the 1900s. Although tuxedo models are used primarily in weddings, they are also worn in many special occasions. Jacket and trousers are usually black in color, and a white shirt with a cut-off collar is preferred for the inside. This shirt model is decorated with a stylish bow tie.

Where to Wear a Tuxedo?

Tuxedo models are preferred in many official invitations and special nights, especially weddings. The usage areas of tuxedos vary considerably;

  • in wedding ceremonies,
  • On nights with an opera or symphony,
  • At a formal dance night,
  • In a formal and private dinner organization,
  • tuxedo models are preferred.

What are the Differences Between Tuxedo and Basic Suit?

  • Basic suit models can be found for every color, but tuxedo models are generally preferred with black color.
  • Tuxedo patterns are more formal than basic suits, the usage area of the basic suit is much more.
  • Since tuxedos are more special clothing, it is not possible to see them in every wardrobe, but basic suits can also be used in daily wear.
  • The color of the shirt worn under the tuxedo is usually white, this color varies while in the basic suit.
  • Shirt models for tuxedos should be narrow cut, while this may differ in basic suits.
  • Even if tuxedo models are less, it is a product that requires more attention than basic suit selection.

Accessory Suggestions for Men's Tuxedo Models

Complementing your tuxedo with appropriate accessories is one of the elements you should pay attention to for elegance. Bow tie, tuxedo belt and collar handkerchief are considered as indispensable parts of tuxedos. One of the first accessories that come to mind when talking about a tuxedo, one of the factors that you should pay attention to about the size of the bow tie, is the lapel of the jacket, that is, the thickness of the collar. The proportionality of the size of the lapel and bow tie increases your elegance. The color of the bow tie should be in harmony with the tuxedo. If the color of the vest is darker than the color of the jacket and pants, you can choose the same color bow tie as your vest.

If you preferred a white tuxedo, white bow tie models are for you. Collar handkerchief is also one of the details that increase your elegance. If you prefer a tuxedo in dark colors such as black or navy blue, you can use a white silk handkerchief. Navy blue tuxedo consisting of jacket, vest and trousers; You can combine it with a navy blue satin bow tie and a white silk handkerchief. You need to fold your silk handkerchief flat and place it in the collar pocket. Instead of a silk handkerchief, you can also choose a collar pin as an accessory. For example, you can complete a navy blue tuxedo with the same color collar pin.

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