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  • White 1
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  • Burgundy 3
  • Navy Blue 7
  • Grey 8
  • Light Brown 1
  • Yellow 2
  • Off White 1
  • Beige 2
  • Dark Beige 1
  • Classic 40
  • Striped 22
  • Business 30
  • Plaid 6
  • Wool 39
  • Vest 40
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Triple Classic Suits

The triple classic suit models, which stand out with their quality fabric selections, also draw attention because they are designs that are prepared with every detail in mind. You can have a perfect elegance with vest suit models, which are preferred by gentlemen who are in search of a holistic elegance and who want to reflect their style with accessory choices rather than color transitions.

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Men's Triple Basic Suits

If you ask what is the outfit that a man can wear that will make him look the most handsome, modern and stylish, everyone's answer will be the same: triple (vest) suits. Vest suits are the ideal outfit for men who always want to look sophisticated and stylish, both for your daily life and for special nights and invitations. When you wear suits, your shoulders appear wider, your waist thinner, and your legs appear longer. It also offers a unique style to capture a masculine and elegant look at the same time. It minimizes the time you spend thinking about what to wear, especially for special occasions and invitations or when you are late for work in the morning.

The way to take the versatile features of the suit and capture a personal, modern but also masculine look is through vests. A suit with a vest continues to carry the formal, serious and masculine air of a regular suit, while at the same time adding a cool, elegant and special touch to it. If you want to show that you are a stylish and tasteful person while looking formal, serious and stylish at your workplace or at the invitations you attend, vest suits will be a great savior for you.

How to Wear a Vest Suit Correctly?

Vest suits are considered more stylish than ever today. Vest suits are mostly preferred for businessmen and corporate lawyers. In this model, which consists of a straight jacket, trousers and a suit vest, certain rules must be followed in order to be stylish under all conditions.

First of all, make sure that the shoulder joints are aligned towards your body frame from neck to shoulder. The V shape of the collar should taper so that it is no longer hidden by the buttonholes of your jacket. The sides and back of the vest should be shorter than the front, but make sure your shirt doesn't stick out under the hem. To avoid this, constantly tuck your shirt into your pants and leave the last button on the bottom of the vest open. By following the simple tips, you can be sure to get a stylish look from your 3-piece suit. Keep in mind that vests can grow as adaptable features to your dresser and look great when done properly.

As with all clothing, fit is vital for 2 reasons; appearance and comfort. Sometimes men say they don't like to wear suits because they don't feel comfortable. The reason for this inconvenience is not due to the character of the fabric, but because the stance of the suit is not correct. A well-fitting suit will always make you stand out in an impressive way, as you will look prepared and stylish. If the pattern of the vest suit is too wide, you may appear matted or gain weight if it is too narrow.

Men's Vest Suit Models

If you have decided to buy a suit, it would be right to choose the model by thinking well, taking into account your body structure and the colors that suit you. Suit models on the market may not fit every body type. While buying a new suit, the patterns of the jackets, the sleeve lengths and the length of the trousers can affect your whole image.

On the other hand, color is also very important. In addition to the color of the suit you buy, you will want it to match the colors of the shirts and ties in your wardrobe. Otherwise you will have to get all new and matching colors. Black Tuxedo Style puts an end to such dilemmas thanks to its carefully designed models, colors chosen by experts and masterful craftsmanship. The models of Black Tuxedo Style suits, where you will find slim fit and classic suit models, are designed to adapt to every body structure and type when the right size is selected. In colors, choices were made in a way to look stylish with shirts and ties in every wardrobe, in addition to colors such as black, anthracite and gray, as well as various dark blue tones. Accordingly, your probability of making the wrong choice is reduced to zero.

Men's Vest Suit Colors

Vest suit models, which increase your elegance in formal occasions or special occasions, offer different color options. Black suits are among the indispensables of men's wardrobes. Apart from black, which can be easily combined with any color shirt and accessory, neutral colors such as smoked, anthracite and gray are often preferred when choosing men's suits with vests. Smoke and anthracite are among the most used colors in the office environment. Likewise, you can achieve office elegance by completing gray suits with different shirts and accessories.

Dark blue, one of the basic colors of men's clothing, also suits well with vest suits. You can reveal your different style with models in which different colors such as indigo blue, petrol color, dark burgundy are used. Men's vest suit models are produced using patterned, checkered, eyelet or plain fabric material. Plaid vests that complement solid color jackets and trousers offer a stylish look. Combining your solid color vest and trousers with a checkered classic jacket, men's suits appeal to all tastes. You can emphasize your style with suits consisting of dark trousers, light colored jackets and vests. Black Tuxedo Style increases alternatives with its wide color range.

Men's Slim Fit Vest Suits

Vest suits are suitable for different body types with their comfortable cut or slim fit cuts. If you like to do sports or have an athletic body, slim fit vest suit models are for you. You can combine your suit consisting of a double or single button jacket, vest and narrow cut fabric trousers with a suitable shirt, tie and collar handkerchief if you wish. You can complete your combination with shoes of the appropriate color and model. Apart from classic shoe models, sneaker-style sneakers keep up with casual environments.

You can wear a white sneaker under your slim fit suit and reveal your comfortable style. When choosing a slim fit suit, you should keep in mind that single-button jackets create a more sporty look. There are some elements that you should pay attention to when wearing a men's suit with a vest. For example, you should make sure that the buttons of the vest worn inside the jacket are always closed. However, for a stylish look, make sure that the bottom button of your vest is open. The vest length covers the belt part of the trousers and ends at the top of the pockets of the trousers, and the shoulder part of the vest fits your shoulders perfectly.

Since the vests are used with the buttons closed, you need to make sure that the body part is not too narrow or too loose. Finally, you should choose slim fit shirts to wear inside slim fit vest suits. Because comfortable cut shirts have wider patterns than slim fit shirts, they can form a pothole under the jacket. You can reach all models that will highlight your elegance, from groom suits to jackets, from shoes to accessories, with Black Tuxedo Style.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Men's Basic Suits?

Basic suits are one of the indispensable parts for almost every man. The way to achieve a stylish and formal atmosphere in terms of energy is to choose the suit that suits you best. Some points need to be considered in order to choose the suit that is ideal for you.

A suit bought as a result of the wrong measurements does not look on any man as desired. You should decide very well where you will wear your suit and which cut and model you will choose. You should determine your dimensions very well and choose models designed with reference to those measurements. This is the key point of your choice among men's basic suits.

Once you identify what you are looking for, you should immediately get rid of your worries about where to look for it. Because Black Tuxedo Style, in the light of its experience in men's basic suit design, will bring you the most suitable model for your style. If you wish, let's talk about the points you need to pay attention to in order to choose the most suitable suit for your style and body type.

Determine Your Body Size Correctly

In order to have the right suit, you must first make sure that the men's basic suit you choose is suitable for your size. For the most accurate results, you can take measurements or you can refer to the size of your suits in your wardrobe. To measure, you can compare the sleeve lines of the jacket with the lines of your shoulder. It is also important that when you close the buttons of the suit jacket, the buttons are not tight or loose.

Choose Men's Basic Suits for Your Body Type

After the measurement process, it's time to look for the model that suits your body type. Because; A good suit should make you feel comfortable as well as stylish. For example, if you have a body type with relatively wide molds, you can feel quite comfortable in sports suit models. Since there is no situation that narrows the body in this cut, it will be comfortable to wear and use.

If you do not have large sizes in terms of mold, slim fit suits are for you. In this model, it is possible to reveal your elegance as a cut that grips the body but does not tighten is applied. After paying attention to the cuts, you should also calculate the lengths. For example, pant legs that are too short will make you look short. The long leg does not give a stylish look. If your suit is in harmony with your body type, you can make small changes and bring it to the dimensions you want.

Colors Matter for Men's Basic Suits

One of the defining features for basic suits is the choice of color. By choosing classic colors, you can buy timeless, trendy pieces by choosing different colors. The black basic suit is one of the most preferred and risk-free models. You can choose it comfortably for special occasions and for formal occasions.

When you think your suit is too classic, you can get help from accessories to make a difference. The gray basic suit is one of the suits with a color that shows the model and fabric well. When combined with dark-colored accessories, a very stylish look is obtained. It is among the best choices for men who want a difference between designs with a dark color palette.

Get Pieces That Complement Your Basic Suit

Regardless of age, there are items that every man should have in his closet. It would not be wrong to say that suits take the first place among these pieces. On the other hand, you can increase your elegance if you get the pieces that will complement these dresses.

The first of the basic suit complements is, of course, the tie. Ties that match the color of your dress or are chosen tone-on-tone help you look stylish. For example, you can reach an assertive combination by choosing a patterned tie for your suit in plain and dark color.

Belts are among the other pieces that are often preferred as a complement. In fact, most men see the belt as a necessity rather than a supplement. An elegant belt you choose will make your suit better. Handkerchief and shirt pins are also parts that can be considered as basic suit complements.

Although each of them may seem like fine details, when they come together, they take on a completely different energy. It makes your look both more stylish and more assertive. For this reason, do not forget to use complements for your basic suits.

Regardless of the pattern or color, the first valid criterion for choosing a basic suit is comfort. The suits, in which you do not feel comfortable and cannot move as you wish, do not look stylish even if they have the most beautiful design. For this, you should remember that you must first make choices by knowing your body measurements.

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